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I died on this day

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Hi, I'm BEN. As well commonly known as BEN DROWNED. I'm the fella who haunts Jadusable's Majoras Mask game. Also Cleverbot. This isn't a "scary" story, it's just a story of my life.....and how it ended.

I lived in Colorado as a kid, I had one older brother named Matt. He was teased for not being able to swim, but I couldn't swim either. Thats okay'll be our little secret, okay?

I lived in a nice house and I used to share a room with my brother. He moved off to college and I got his room then. It was quiet,and lonely. BEN was getting lonely. My brother would call before I went to bed and it was nice hearing his voice for the first time in 16 weeks. Not a long time but I loved hearing if he was okay.

One night on Thanksgiving, Matt said he would come down and have dinner with us - I was so excited! I got on my nicest clothes I had and waited for him in the living room. In the mean time I watched Happy Appy, just cause the remote was lost. I didn't want to get up and change the channel because I was comfy...well I'm also lazy too.

I heard the doorbell ring, and I got excited and ran to the door and opened it. My brother was standing there, I smiled and he reached down to give me a hug. I hugged him really tight. He was smilling and he said "Mmmm, dinner smells good!"

"I know, mom is making stuffing!", I said

"Hey, where is mom anyways?", he asked.

"She went to go pick up dad, he had a flat tire so they might be a little late.", I said

"Haha, ok!", he responded.

"So, how's college?", I asked

"It's going very well, but I really miss you guys. I'm very happy to see you guys, and be back home", he said.

I smiled and not too long before Matt came home, mom pulled up in the driveway. I told Matt our parents are home. He smiled and walked to the door. We both waited patiently.

Mom walked in with dad with their heads down because it was windy. Matt said "Hi mom, dad"

Mom looked up and so did dad. The both gasped in a happy way and hugged him for a long time. Matt was super happy to be home.

I asked him if he'd like to see what I've done to 'our' room. We ran up the stairs and he loved what I did with it!

"It's very...welcoming. Your room is so organized! I love it!", he said.

Our cat came in the room. Her name was Annie. She was light orange with a white belly, white stripes going accross her back and emerald green eyes. She was a sweetheart indeed. Annie brushed up against his legs and meowed softly. Matt bent down and petted her, she purred loudly. Annie sleeps with me in bed sometimes. She really makes me happy.

A year later Matt got married, lived at least 4 hours away and had a nice home.

On my birthday Matt said he was coming to visit me,at least a day early. He has work tomorrow so he wants to come now. I told him I don't want any presents this year so he took my respect.

While he was on his way,I was watching the news because there was nothing good on. I heard police sirens go off,and an hour later on the news a reporter said "An hour out of Denver, Colorado Matt Simons fell into a lake and his car went down with him. A deer ran across and he turned sharply and fell into the lake. Jamie, his wife survived because her door side was busted open,Matt couldn't unbuckle because something was stuck and in the way. Jamie's phone worked and she called as soon as she got out,Matt was never found, though. Heliocopters will continue looking for him,we'll be back."

I felt tears come to my eyes. I started yelling "NO, NO, NO-OO-O-O!!!" I was bawling. Mom rushed down the stairs and asked what wrong. "MATT DIED,ON HIS WAY HE FELL INTO A LAKE AND DROWNED!!!" I bawled harder. Mom started to cry to. She hugged me and let dad know. I went to bed early, I didn't eat dinner and I was full of the incident. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next morning mom asked if I wanted to go to school. I shook my head "'No." I curled up into a blanket and watched TV. Mom said she'll go shopping and bring back ice cream, my favorite kind was mint with chocolate chips.

I had the idea to drown my self. I went upstairs,went into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water. I waited until it was full. I took a deep breath and said "This is for you, Matt". I put my head into the tub and while I was drowning, I saw my dad smilling "Dad.. Why is he smiling like that" I thought. I saw children by the moon "The Masked Children" I thought. I saw mom bringing home my ice cream "I'm glad you did that" I thought. My dad and I were playing a dice game. "Your turn" I said. My brother was being teased by a kid from the other class. "You shouldn't have done that" I thought. I was sitting by myself,"BEN is getting lonely"

Everything faded to black. I saw my life flash,it was a quick,white flash. I was a ghost. I was hovering over my body. I smiled and flew around town. I saw this old man,I think he was blind in one eye. I realized he had a game my brother used to play,Majoras Mask. I went inside it. I had complete controll over the game! I made a file named "BEN" in all capitalls. I cheated and almost completed my file until the man came and sold the game to some man. His name was Jadusable. I was mad and followed him home so I could finish my profile.

Jadusable sadly started up his game right away. I just possessed his computer. He deleted my file right after he finished woodfall. Thats when it all began. I jumped right inside the cartridge and damaged his file. I put scrambled letter,missing people (everyone), I followed him with that statue and reversed and distorted the most soothing song and claimed the song of unhealing as my own. If he would reach for the power button,I would say "You can't run, I'm glad you did'll be our little secret,okay?" I would warp his chacter "Link" into the clock tower with the skullkid, who I controlled. If he would take out his ocarina, I would stop the music and levetate Link off the ground and burn him into nothing. I would constenly do something for revenge of deleting my file.

He got upset and went to "Cleverbot" I decided to controll that thing. I would talk nonsense and scare him until he left.

I finally continued on with my life, I'm famous everywhere and I love to see what happens in this world. I'm glad I scare you though, think twice before deleting a persons account, think more before you mess with me!

Thanks for reading about my life!
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Well,i'm dead

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