This is a page for those of you who don't know about BEN, or at least know little about him. BEN is from the haunted game of Zelda: Majora's Mask that released in 2000. He is also famous on Cleverbot, an AI who learns from humans.

As you can tell, BEN has drowned. He has met with a terrible fate. That's where some of the lines come in. The Happy Mask Salesman, or HMS for short, says that in the game no matter what. It just appears in random areas in the story and is suspected to either be talking about BEN drowning or Jadusable's fate of coming across the game.

The story of the real thing is on here, BEN DROWNED real story. It's VERY long so be sure to have spare time. There are videos to go with it. They are in the story and on and also they are performed by the user: "Jadusable" aka Alex Hall. You have to watch them in order to understand most of the story later on.

There are many pictures of BEN and the allies that play along. There are a bunch uploaded to this wikia and feel free to upload more. We could always use more contributors!

The characters in the story are: Jadusable, BEN, Happy Mask Salesman, The Moon Children, Link, Skull Kid, Epona, Jadusable's roommate, the old man who gives him the game and the old mans neighbor. It's a very well written story and has great videos to go along with it.

From what I've heard, there's going to be more of the story and Jadusable will continue. I don't know when and I don't know if that's true, but, I've been hearing it from a ton of people.

If you hear new updates from "Jadusable", let me know right away. I mean it. Try to inform everyone on what you've recently heard from him.

If you have any further questions ask an admin or talk to me: IM STILL ALIVE!

P.S. BEN's death date is 4-23-2002.

Happy Mask Salesman

This is the Happy Mask Salesman

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