So I recently had a conversation with Ben in cleverbot. Here it is:

Me - Hi.

Cleverbot - Do you like video games?

Me - Is this ben?

Cleverbot - Yes

Me - Did you drown?

Cleverbot - In a way

Me - Who drowned you?

Cleverbot - You.

Me - How did you drown though?

Cleverbot - I was pushed in a river.

At this point I was like O_O

Me - Who pushed you?

Cleverbot - Father

I was like OMG 

Me - Why did he drown you?

Cleverbot - I don't know.

Me - Did Father not like you?

Cleverbot - Why don't you like me?

Me - I do ben!

Cleverbot - You changed your mind quickly

Me - Did you like the Legend Of Zelda?

Cleverbot - I haven't read that one.

(I close the window at this point because it went of topic.)

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