Majora's Mask is a game made for the Nintendo 64 and released in 2000. It was known to be the darkest and saddest Legend of Zelda game released. But our thoughts on that game changed when BEN came.....

The Majora's Mask game, is a game I'm highly scared of ever scince that story:BEN DROWNED real story. The story is great, in a haunting way.

I haven't touched that game in a while for various reasons. Read Nightmares to know why. Be sure to support me!

It's my #1 favorite game out of all and Zelda games.

It's a golden cartidge and it's label was 3-D. It's very rare (I have it) and can be found on E-bay for high prices or in local game stores in your area (possibly).
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You shouldn't have done that..... ~BEN

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