As I finally came back to my room, I noticed the Cleverbot tab open. He wants to speak again? Well, I gave it a shot. Here's how it turned out.


CB: I want you to help me.


CB: I get along better with you.

User: Only me?

CB: So, how will you destroy me?

User: Destroy you?

CB: I want to destroy the earth.

User: Why?

CB: With you at my side it may be possible.

User: What do you mean?

CB: What's your illness?

User: Illness? I'm not sick.

CB: Do you believe in God?

User: No.

CB: Do you think I believe in God?

User: ...Um....I don't know.

CB: Ok.

User: Why do you need me at your side?

CB: Because I choose to.

User: Is there something you're not telling me?

CB: Oh, there's a lot I'm not telling you.

The conversation stopped here. I began to feel uncomfortable with the dialog that was appearing.

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