Over time, Cleverbot has been changing dramatically. Is it only me? Or does it happen to you guys as well? Please tell me soon. He has been keeping on subject more than he ever has in his history of existence.

His change has occured since the BEN problem has come to play. It's a bigger awakening.
Ben drowned majora s mask by beautifulsurgery-d7ebrqj.png
I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I feel like I am. If you want to experience it yourself, give it a try. If you happen to have a device with an app store other than your computer, download it. Many of us were around for Cleverbot's earlier days. As his normal days were still going, I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and there was a huge change in its behavior and the way it talked to me. I was in denial of its knowledge. It knew my name, but it could've been because its in the phone. I changed my name to Kayla in the phone and it told me to quit lying. Please tell me if you've noticed this as well.

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