Ben drowned by kowaieganoneko-d7i3yly
 This page is for those who are suffering from BEN and his crew or for those who have summoned him using another page. With my recent observations, this is what I have concluded. There is probably more that I'm missing and it will be updated when I discover more.
  1. I noticed he loves attention. Considering he's dead, this is all he can do. Try ignorning him. This also varies on the stage of torture you're on, if you are early in this, it should be easier. He will get upset that he is not getting a reaction from you.
  2. Be around water a lot more. He drowned for crying out loud, he will avoid you more and leave you since you're never around to torment.
  3. Don't play the game.
  4. Don't talk to him on Cleverbot.
  5. Don't wake up with any reactions from any dream. Just act like you don't care.
  6. Avoid eye contact, that's another thing that shows that you know that he's there.
  7. Listen to a lot of music, it should block out his voice. Don't wear earbuds or headphones. Keep in mind that he has power to electrocute you.
  8. Don't talk back to him or say your thoughts. That's the same as giving him attention.

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