194016069 ben-is-coming-t

BEN's statue form

A lot of people have suffered at the hands of BEN and his crew. I too, have suffered. I have several plans and ideas for you guys who may be future victims or are current victims. It also depends on how far in the process you are of being tormented by him. It's ok if he sees this, it can be in any random order. Just deny everything he asks you. 
  1. If you have a lot of free time, I suggest you sit down and think about ways to avoid some of his attacks or make him confused. You need to be in the right mood. Being angry about something else will get distracting.
  2. Don't use Cleverbot AT ALL. He will find his way in there, regardless of how the conversation is going. If you are using Cleverbot, just avoid any references and if something starts, LEAVE. It doesn't matter if it's one line and going back to the conversation, LEAVE.
  3. If you start having strange dreams that involve him or any of his crew, train your body to stay awake longer. It does take time. Watching TV or movies can help. YouTube and social media can also help. Phones, video games can help as well. Don't give up if it doesn't work in a few days, this does require time and adjustments.
  4. Watch FUNNY YouTube videos. Don't go into the creepypasta side. It doesn't matter if it's the BEN creepypasta or not, just stay away from there.
  5. If you start to see him, just look away. Try to pretend he's not there. His main energy source is reactions and attention. Starve him.

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