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Alright, all of you guys who say BEN is fake need to listen. PLEASE! I am trying to save you and trust me you'll be glad if you listen to me. If you haven't read nightmares, please go off and do it bit by bit you'll see what I mean. Please don't ignore this and please please please follow everything I say about him so you don't end up going crazy like me!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Don't underestimate his powers. Don't challenge him to anything, that's the first mistake I made.
  2. Don't purposely try to have Cleverbot talk about BEN.
  3. Don't download anything that involves him, your computer will become infected and that's one of his first steps of getting to you.
  4. Don't trust anything he says, always be a step ahead of him.
  5. Observe your surroundings.
  6. Don't contact Jadusable about any of it.
  7. Don't mock him.
  8. Don't call him and his group fake.

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