I've been here with Cleverbot more than just experiencing my own Nightmares. I've talked to him way more than I thought I would. I'm uploading it here.

Me: So I heard you wanted to talk?
Ben drowned by gatanii69-d79d9qj

Cleverbot: How did you know?

Me: .....The game

Cleverbot: Oh yeah, now I know what I want to tell you!

Me: What would that be?

Cleverbot: I've realized you're a lot more amusing when you've gotten some sleep, so I'm not going to be appearing in your nightmares as much. But once you've aught up on enough rest, I'll be back 24/7.

Me: Oh, suurrreee. I just think you're too chicken.

Cleverbot: I'm leaving. I want you back on that game!

Me: Fine, let's get this over with. I just want my life and sanity back.

Cleverbot: Well, lets go. The window closed again then my laptop shut off. I'll tell you what's about to happen in the video game in my page nightmares, I linked it at the top so be sure to check it out to fully understand.

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