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Well,i'm dead

I live in a 3 story house not to far from my school. I really love my house! My room is on the 3rd story and I have a feeling that it's hard to explain, it's an abandon, quietlike, empty and a sorrowful feeling. I don't go up there often unless I have to practice flute for band lessons.

My room is fairly big with two windows and it's always been a little cold up there, but it also has a nice view. I really hate when it gets late and I have to go up there, I used to collect stuffed animals as a kid and I haven't really thought about selling them. I sleep next to the window in my bed.

One night I was sleeping, well at least trying. I made a dumb decision and had soda before bed so I was up late. My head was turned towards the closet and my door nob turned and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I got up, grabbed my sword and stood in the middle of my room. I waited for my closet nob to turn again. It never did, though.

As I went back to bed I thought I was just imagining things because I was tired. I put my sword in bed with me so I had it ready, in case something happened again.

My mom goes to work at 4:30 in the morning and my dad was in Minot because he's a firefighter and he's teaching schools. It wasn't so bad being by myself, just a little lonely.

I finally managed to get to sleep and I woke up at 8:37 and went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. After I ate I went downstairs to go on the computer, I saw the printer had printed something. I jumped down and picked up a picture, it was that elegy statue from Majora's Mask.

That picture if it were just printed. I threw it away and got on the computer. The screen saver was a blue screen, three bubbles, a dark hand and the subtext of "No one came".

I looked up that saying and went to images,now I'll never look at Majoras Mask the same. I looked up BEN


images, and I've read the story of Jadusable and heard about hid videos on YouTube. I was once again, dumb and went further into the unexplainable.

The printer booted up agin and started printing pictures od me sleeping that night but if you look further into it, BEN would have his hand around me,smiling in a crooked way. Then it showed me with the sword. The image of BEN was very faint though.

While my mom had to stay at work over the night and until tomorrow at 2:00 and my dad was at Minot,I just did nothing.

I fell asleep better and I heard my door open,I saw a small white package at the door. I opened it to my surprize,it was a Majoras Mask cartridge..but I already have one!

I went into the living room and started up my game. Nothing appeared, just a black screem. I hit start on my controller and jumbled letters appeared. I saw my name appear on the profiles and the bottom one said "DEAD END".

I thought it was just someone messing with me,I mean the package didn't have any stamps and was poorly taped.

I just took a candle lighter and burned the game,before my hand was set I ran to a sink and washed it off. I never slept that night.

It started raining the next day,my mom is very late.I was worrying but she might have gone shopping.

I went onto my laptop and the screen saver this time was me,upclose and BEN spotted in one of my pupiles. I highly doubt someone is messing with me,in's not a living person. Nobody knows me on this block.

I went to the phone but it was gone,my cell had no connection either. I smelled smoke,I ran and found my computer smoking and shooting sparks. I grabbed a milk jug and put it out. I grabbed the coushions and dried them off with a fan.

I didn't sleep again and a faint shadow outlining of the HMS appeared when lightning struck. BEN appeared in the other window. I ran downstairs into the basement, opened the door, locked it and hid in the closet. I looked up seeing BEN staring down at me.

I screamed and bashed my head through the door and crawled out. I ran back upstairs and ran outside into the thunderstorm,it was hailing really hard too. I didn't bother to get a coat but managed to slip my sandles on. I ran down the block,seeing BEN always not to far from me.

I ran faster and knocked on the closest relatives door. My aunt answered and told her whats going on,not the BEN thing I just kept that to myself,insted I told her that my mom is 4 hours late. She told me to come in. "You're just in time for dinner,i'm making ribs"my aunt said.

"I love ribs!!!!"I responded.

"You know this is my dads secret rescapie, and I'm using special rib sauce!" she said.

"Awesome! Thanks!" I said.

"You're welcome" she responded.

I went to go wash the mud off my face and while I looked in the mirror, my reflection changed into BEN. I ran out,but didn't say anything.

"Dinner's ready!" my aunt said. I walked over to the table.

"Mmmmm, smells and looks good!" I said.

"Thanks" she responded.

There was a suddon knock at the door,"oh that must be my package" my aunt said. She exscused herself and answered the door.

I continued eating and I saw paper, it was written in hylian,luckily I've known the hylian alphabet for 3 years. It said "I'LL TAKE YOUR LIFE" I threw it in the garbage. BEN was standing at the glass door smilling, wet blood running down him,smilling.

I heard my aunt coming back, so I acted as if nothing happened. I was finished eatting and since my mom still hasn't come, I got to spend the night. I was feeling a bit tired so I got ready for bed. I was tired since I didn't get a lot of sleep.

The next morning was...odd. I wouldn't hear anything from BEN and my aunt seemed less active. She says she had a hard time sleeping, as if someone was watching her. I didn't say anything.

I watched TV and tryed to get my mind off of it,but the more I tried the more I could remember. I got worried. I hope she was OK. What happened? I don't know.

I decided to take a walk. When I got further into the darker part of town,I could hear his laugh echoing in my head. I think and hope I'm seeing things, but I thought I saw eyes looking my exact direction.

BEN doesn't have eyes. But....who does that I know of in my troubled thoughts right now? I might just be tired. Hungy? Worried so much I've gone insane? I don't know. But I hope it ends soon.

I decided to find a safe place and try to rest,close my eyes. But if I do....what will happen? Will I die? Please help me, I know I'm not alone.

As I woke up everything felt twisted, gone, abondon one would say. Even the busiest part of town, no people, no cars, not even a bird chirpping. Whats going on?! Am I trapped in a nightmare?! Why aren't I waking up?!

That's when I woke up.....

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