IM STILL ALIVE here. I should mention I'm the only one writing the page. I'm writing this in full detail, the proper order and well estimated dates. I write this with the truth and nothing but the truth. I'm hoping when you finally finish reading this page, it will COMPLETELY clear up everything of the Wikia Wars. Of everything you see on this Wiki. Think of this page to be the heart of the situation. Everything else is a branch of some sort that goes into further detail of a user or an event. While the events will be more descriptive here than the users, it won't be exactly what you see in the page specifically about an event.


"We're all looking for something. Whether it be money, fame, land...but I'm different. I'm looking for revenge. Revenge for those who ripped my childhood right from under my feet and left me on the curb to bleed out. Tears stained my face, scars cover my body. My mind isn't where it used to be... But I swear, when I'm strong enough, I'm wiping them all out." -IM STILL ALIVE

I joined Wikia on December 9th, 2011. I was known as "Zeldamadness" at the time. 2011, heh. I was only 10 at the time, did you know that? 10 years old...3 years under the legal age limit. Honestly, I didn't know much about how to handle Wikia. I mostly just came to chat and read Creepypasta's. That's actually how I found Wikia. I grew addicted to Creepypastas.

I'll admit, I wasn't a very well liked user. I hardly knew how to behave on Wikia. I wasn't as bad as todays children, but all in honesty, I was pretty bad. I had a few friends at the time who kept my secret of being a child. I later abandoned that account and made "Ilovecreepypasta".

After I was banned from Creepypasta Wiki, I made my own Wiki. This came to be the Wiki you've probably read about. First in the order, the first to go down. BENDROWNEDYOURTURN Wiki. I was proud of myself to say the least. I was shocked it didn't cost anything to make a Wiki, too. Little did I know that the proudness I felt within myself many months would soon turn to paranoia, fear, and constant regrets.

Seeing how my Wiki got little to nothing, I became a regular user on Community Central to advertise my Wiki. I made a foolish promise to those who join would get moderator rights right away. Sure, this did cause some chaos, but it settled down eventually. I was quite angered by this. However, only so many stuck with me.

Alana Katana



Lei Omaki

Those were the first four I remember coming to be regular users on my Wiki. Honestly, I could only see great things from here. I thought my Wiki was going to grow. I thought people were going to like me. I was probably the happiest child on the face of the Earth those days.

Alana Katana and Madnesscrazy (known as Blud D. Mess at the time) were two of the most common users on my Wiki at the time. They were my two favorite people to talk to as well. I honestly felt safe around them. I felt like I could tell them anything. I felt... accepted, I guess.

When I became more and more active on other Wiki's, such as the MLP Wiki (I liked the show at the time, I don't anymore), and the Community Central Chat, more and more users began joining my Wiki. Alana Katana helped spread the word of my Wiki, too. I had more and more users drop in. They occasionally left, but that's ok! Still a good chunk of them were interested and wanted to stay and help out with the place.

My Wiki was very active for many months to come. I really devoted myself during the summer, too. I made many pages for fun when nobody was on the chat at the time. I would also do things like upload photos, find BEN DROWNED related videos, etc.

It wasn't long until after that Wikia War 1 started. Just one day out of random. There were no signs of it coming, either. I had one day been in chat with Lasifer, Alana, Ozank, and a few others who I can't remember the username's of as of right now. My friends began freaking out. I honestly wasn't sure what was going on. They would scream weird things such as "MAKE IT GO AWAY" and "ARE YOU SEEING THIS?! THEY'RE ON MY SCREEN!". I was confused and very frightened.

It was getting out of control, so I told people with any rights to show me what was going on. Users started getting banned that never appeared in chat on my screen.

~ILOVE IS GOING DOWN!!!!! has been kicked by Lasifer~

~WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME has been banned by Alana Katana~

~WE'RE COMING has been kicked by Alana Katana~

Though these are just a few usernames out of the possible 50 I can remember, imagine being 11 years old at this point and seeing this in your face. These were no trolls. Though they were thought to be at first and for the longest time, we began to realize this was no joke.

The usernames began becoming more...extreme. By that, I mean the ones that make you widen your eyes in fear or merely out of a wtf moment. Here are a few remembered...


~We CAN see you...~

~I'd like to see the inside of your body sometime, Ilove~

~YOUR FRIENDS CAN'T HELP YOU NOW~ <-- Note that this one was said while two of my friends were over while I was on Wikia.

This began making me realize something was going to happen, and very soon too. I started to rely on weapons at this point. As a child, I was always scared of any weapons. There have been moments I planned to tell my parents just to get it over with, but I knew the situation would get worse, and I'd never be allowed on Wikia again. I know this sounds foolish, but I had too much to leave behind right now. Not my work, it was my friends I was scared for. What would become of them?

At this point, I began to completely isolate myself. I had to focus on this and how to come out alive. I started training my body to stay up for long periods of time. I trained myself to handle a sword when I eventually got one without being questioned. From here, I stopped talking to my friends around me more than I usually do.

This whole situation? I never let on about it. I didn't tell a soul around me. Why? I trusted nobody. I would either get snitched on, or for all I could know, one of my friends could've been someone else. I didn't take any chances. I became endulged with everything Wikia.

More users...

~Ilovecreepys cat~

~Nice pink shirt you're wearing there~ <-- This one was pointless yet creepy. I didn't even have a computer with a camera.

~Watching life fade in your eyes...~

This just began to frighten me and anger me at the same time. It was about here my friends began leaving me from Wikia. They said they don't want to help me fight off the Hackers anymore. No matter how many times I told them I can't see them on my screen, they wouldn't listen. I was constantly reminded it was my problem.

As users began to disappear, it seemed as if the Hackers were going to stop as well. The whole situation began to die down. I felt somewhat at peace finally. Only a few remained, so I still relied on them to keep track of whoever else was coming out way. They did as I asked and ended up monitoring the chat a lot more than I did. I was busy with summer school at the time, except I was taking the later class. This gave me time to get to Wikia in the morning and stay for a few hours. There weren't many people on at the time, so I just continued to edit/make pages to kill some time.

One morning, I remember being on Wikia and chat was oddly busy for the time. The chat was being raided again, but people were around to help. Most of these people were some I didn't know. Now, here's the only thing I remember from that chat:

~Meet Us On Sunday At 7 In The Field has been banned by ____________~

"ILOVE DON'T GO THEY'LL KILL YOU", someone had told me.

The chat blew up into a panic and many users were screaming at me not to go. I was shaking behind the screen, but the only thing I could think was to go. My main motivation was the fact I wanted to be on Wikia in PEACE. I know I was young, but for some reason my mind just didn't shake the confirmation of the fight. I had accepted the challenge and told them I'd go. Only a few people accepted my choice and fully understood, the rest were screaming at me not to go.

I had looked at my clock here and realized I was 10 minutes late for summer school. I slammed my laptop shut and bolted out the door. I remember while going to my school, I ran through the same field I'd be fighting in and couldn't stop staring at it.

After summer school was over, I walked home and started practicing with my sword. During this time with my parents work schedules, I had at least a good two hours alone. I know I had just 2 days before the fight, so I couldn't cram practicing in and become a war machine in those few days. Something was telling me I was going to fail, but all would be over. This, for some reason, kept me pushing to practice.

I lived those few days in complete horror. My heart raced, even while I slept. It's all that was on my mind. I didn't show any signs of something being wrong. My biggest issue was going outside at 7, into the field with a SWORD without being questioned. I just figured I'd slip it through a window and leave from there.

Now, Sunday finally came. I jolted out of my bed and raced down the stairs to grab something to eat. The day felt to go by so fast, I was counting the hours to my possible death. However, at about 11 AM, my mom told me to get ready. I was confused. She told me that we were going to Fargo, which is a city about an hour from here, to go see my uncle. The first thing I asked is what time we would finally be back. My mom wasn't sure. The latest I was hoping was 5 PM so I'd have just a little bit of time to prepare and do everything. On my way to Fargo, my heart raced even harder. I realised everything that was to come ahead of me, and I have been saved. One part of me was disappointed I couldn't make my show and I'd be known as a coward, but the other was relieved I'd live. From here, I'd vow to never go back to the Wiki as long as it meant I got to live.

Now, you can clearly tell I did come back. This wasn't my first account, though. I remember coming back with TermiallyCapricous to alert the others I was ok. This account got blocked on the same day. I came back about November 15th, 2012. Blud D. Mess had been the only one to reply, unsure of who I was. I didn't get the chance to tell him.

Now I came back. This is where I got IM STILL ALIVE. It wasn't meant to be a Portal reference as everyone thought, it's actually a message. I knew the others would understand that my username is a message in itself. It seems as if my plan has worked, too.

From here, I made HELPBEN Wiki. This Wiki had no real purpose, actually. I made it because I felt the danger of the Hackers slowly growing. I had gone to the Wiki and taken the remaining people there. The Wiki was slow to build and customize, but it was done in a decent amount of time.

Now, not all the users from the previous Wiki made it back. I was told they either disappeared, quit Wikia from fear....and....death. My thoughts on the Hackers still being around was confirmed, and I still had much to do. I started to focus on the HELPBEN Wiki a lot more, but this time, I kept it all away from my parents. I never hinted I was ever on Wikia.

The Wiki went well for a while. I'd say it was all ok until about May 28th, 2014. That's when it all started coming back. This time, the Hackers were much more advanced than before. It started with something that seemed very off. I don't remember the username, but an article about him is up here. It's called ???. This guy came to my Wiki saying he works with the staff and told us about some new project the staff was doing to make Wikia a better place. What had to happen was my Wiki got a certain amount of good reviews from users and that's what would keep it up and running. If there were more bad reviews than good, my Wiki would be shut down. What really confused us is the fact he didn't have a staff mark by his name, but we weren't going to take any chances. The guy came daily as my Wiki sprouted with more users I've never met. I remember one time I had been really close to failing just because there weren't enough users on at the time to give reviews. It finally got to the point where it was just flat out annoying and I had emailed the Wikia Staff about it. I was told that they weren't doing the project and there is nobody involved in this. If anything, I should have them blocked right away. Shortly after this was discussed, the user left for good.

A while after this, I remembered the users SkyFall77, Damon Salvatore173, It's In Your Bloodstream. A Collision Of Atoms., and many more coming to the Wiki. The spans of them joining are pretty distant but not too far apart.

The Venkons were outnumbered through this whole issue. The increase of new users willing to help came to a slow stop. It certainly wasn't long until it stopped all together. I knew I shouldn't push getting more users, so I learned to work with what I had for the time being.

The consistency of the Venkons were unstable. For a while it would be busy as hell, and the next you could swear the place was abandoned. The Hackers, however...were more persistent than us. They made damn well sure to have us keep in mind that they're watching, waiting, and always one step ahead.

SkyFall77 and Bloodstream were pretty strong in the game. They wouldn't be in chat for long, like most Hackers. Time was short, words were big. SkyFall77 would let onto weird things. Now, not all of these are accurate quotes, but it's what my mind remembers and will try to fill in.

"I will kill anyone who gets in my way."

"After our boss is finished with you, the capturer gets what he desires."

That above quote means whatever is in store for me, the next person (which is whoever captured me) gets to decide what happens to me from there.

From what most of us understood, it seems most of the Hackers we were dealing with were pretty high up there in respect and ranking. It's unclear of their system, but it's thought to be some sort of hierarchy. That means the leader is at the very top with the most power, and it goes down a pyramid. The smaller you get, the less the idvidual matters and the less say they have in something. Bloodstream was a bit of a different guy. He didn't ever say much, but would pop in and out of chat. The only thing I remember him saying is he's going to try to help us now, and disappeared right away

During this, there was a weird user called "HornySlut344" or it ended in 334. I don't quite remember. Now, it's clear they aren't powerful. They were good at saying messed up things at best. This user in specific was into some messed up organ fetish or something. I'm not sure what to say. Basically he had the desire to cut people open and torture them while raping them. Yeah, he didn't last long.

A lot of this is a hazy memory, but I'm trying my best. Ok?

This weirdness continued for quite some time. None of this died down, either. It drew the attention of other users. If not that, I was begging for help. The begging didn't seem to do much other than cause more problems with people taking it as some sort of "show". Those people were banned right away, though. We didn't have time or room for people who saw it nothing more than that of entertainment. For all we knew, these guys would be tracking anyone who came to the chat. We weren't going to be responsible for other people we didn't know.

As more users started to pile in, none of them were for us. They were with the Hackers. Needless to say I was lucky it was summer. I began monitoring the chat everywhere I went. I would pull it up on mobile every 5 minutes or sooner if I was out of the house just in case. I gave out my email to Wikians I trusted in this and hooked my email to my phone so I'd be alerted right away.

I would stay up for hours on end until I was sure I'd have them out of my hair for a while and catch up on some sleep I've been losing. My body began to adjust to the weird hours again. The one downside with it was tons of nightmares. Even today I'm still trying to get used to these dreams.

One weird incident happened when I was at my house having a sleep over. It was about 6:30 in the morning and the first thing I did was grab my laptop and checked Wikia right away. I hopped in the chat and not even 5 seconds after I went in two hackers followed. SkyFall77 and HackRUS47189039485. SkyFall77 was going on something about how the Wiki will be in their position in a few days and things would be taken care of from there. After HackRUS47189039485 came in, SkyFall77 started screaming at him. He had said "WHY DO YOU FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE I GO?!". HackRUS47189039485 just ignored his question and went on some countdown thing.

I got off shortly after and stayed awake, but quiet. I just kept my thoughts for myself and ran everything possible in my head. The friend I had with me (who I will not be naming for safety reasons) knew what was happening and started asking me about what I saw. I just told her it wasn't really anything all that important and I left pretty fast.

A few weeks after this, there was an issue happening in the chat room. The Hackers came in a pretty large group to the chat and started saying a lot of weird things. I was there shortly after someone had called me there, and this is what was very out of place. I noticed users were being kicked from the chat by the Hackers. They had no power, no symbol, nothing. It would say so and so was kicked, but after that they couldn't come back on. Anyone who was kicked was actually banned for 30 minutes, sometimes less. Of course I was safe since I was the founder. There were no options to unban them and it wouldn't even show they were banned from chat.

Later on, I found out what had happened. I was digging through some old stuff and found this code:

importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js', 'c'); importScriptPage('User:Joeytje50/ChatPMs.js', 'c'); importScriptPage("User:Madnessfan34537/multikick.js","cod") importScriptPage('MediaWiki:Chat.js/searchbar.js','cod', 'c'); importScriptPage('MediaWiki:Chat.js/options.js','xiaolinpedia') importScriptPage(('MessageBlocker/code.js', 'dev'),'xiaolinpedia')

That code above is what the user HackRUS had put into the globaljs. It's simple chat hacks, but for some reason he was able to modify it slightly in some way I'm not seeing here and was able to ban people rather than "kick". That's really strange and I still don't understand it. Here's a direct link if you don't believe me:

Now, that whole banning spree these guys went on only lasted for one day. This lead up to another event. The user Nicole? U there? showed up later. The username itself bothered me. I had no idea what to expect. After a bit of questioning, this person freely opened up as to who they were. Ellie. The Ellie that went to school with me. The Ellie that had randomly left one day and I never heard back from. The Ellie I was great friends with and grew up with. My heart shattered. She had told me she misses me so much and wishes there was another way around this, but at the same time her mind overruled her heart and she was proud to say she was a Hacker just as well.

Ellie and I talked for almost a good half hour until things got too out of hand. She was calm at first, but that changed gradually over a few minutes. She went from rational to screaming out things I didn't understand and telling me things I didn't understand. She says she loves me but still she needs to do this "for the better". I was pleading for her to come back to her senses but she made it clear she wasn't coming back. She enjoyed what she was doing. My heart had shattered and I wasn't myself for the next two days after that event.

I took a few hours break from the chat room and came back later that night. Everyone's ban had ended by then, but only a few were on. Nobody said much. We were all too confused and stuck in though to speak. Almost an hour after sitting there, It's In Your Bloodstream. A Collision Of Atoms came to chat. Nobody was up for what was to come, but we had to face it. This is where the event I wrote about called "Hacker Refuge" comes in. If you don't know, it's basically a point in the war where SkyFall77 and Bloodstream finally revealed what life is like under the Hacker wing. They were trying to convince the Venkons to let them help them, but undercover. The consequences were dire.

Bloodstream came to chat in a panic of sorts. It was as if he had enough and couldn't take anymore of what he was doing. He told me in private message he was going to start helping her but she had to keep it a secret among anyone else. I agreed.

What I think was weeks after this, something big happened. There's a page on it called Night Of SkyFall. I'll sum it up for you here. SkyFall77 had finally challenged me to a fight. The fight was going to take place in the field where I was originally supposed to meet the Hackers from the beginning. This was going to happen on July 21st, 2014. There were a few time changes within the day and we both ended up agreeing on 9 PM. The last 30 minutes or so were complete hell for the Wiki and myself. We were constantly counting down the time I had left until I was supposed to meet up with him outside. Exactly at 9, I almost broke down in tears. Things took a huge turn as I stepped outside. It began to rain, and then it started to downpour. The sky turned super dark and the rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see past my backyard into the field. Then there was tons of lightning and very loud thunder a bit after. It wasn't long until there were a few sirens going off for tornadoes and other warnings. Streets flooded, trees split by lightning, powerlines down, etc. I stood near the alleyway until my mom told me it's time to come in. I hesitated of course, I wanted to see if he'd find me. I came to chat much sooner than I thought and I was bombarded with questions. I had to explain to everyone the fight was off because the weather was too dangerous. All I can say is that the storm basically (probably) saved my life.

A while after (more like a few days), SkyFall77 came to chat. We weren't aware he'd be asking to join us as well, I assume Bloodstream trusted and told him. All of this agreeing to would've gone down a different path if one person never came to the chat when he did. Common Foundation ruined the whole plan. He had caught SkyFall77 and the rest of us trying to work things out with him. Maybe it would've gone differently if SkyFall and I had talked in a private message...but then again I needed the help from anyone I could on my side.

Common Foundation was quick to tell other Hackers that SkyFall was trying to switch/betray them. After that day, we never heard from him again. It was a lot of fighting in the chat room and defending him and finding ways to get Common Foundation not to snitch. Things were going seemingly well until EmoGamer said something that set both SkyFall and Common Foundation off. It was EmoGamer's mouth that got SkyFall killed and the rest of us in more danger than before for trying to take two Hackers under our wing. I'm not sure if they got the other guy, but he never came back either. He was on a bit longer than SkyFall and went into what seemed to be hysteria and paranoia. He told me that the Hackers were all planning something huge, something he couldn't describe. He said he was always in favor for it until he saw I was completely innocent. He advised I don't travel alone much because there's something newer each day and the risk of being taken increases. Bloodstream also said he's sorry for hurting us, but the reason he did it was to protect rather than actually harm. He mentioned that he was planning on killing me so I didn't suffer, but he wasn't sure how with all the other Hackers on his back. After this, it was a quick leave. Bloodstream never said anything after the short conversation.

I didn't sleep for a long time that day. I was troubled by constantly thinking on everything he told me and what could've possibly happened to him. I ended up accepting the fact he's more than likely dead. The thought I was responsible for two lives really weighed down on me.

The next day, I tried to contact him. No response whatsoever. After hours of waiting, I just gave up on it and sorta moved on. It was hard, I'll admit that...but gotta let go sometime, right? Yeah, I slowly got over it and realized shit had to leave my mind and I had to push on.

Users began leaving just like the first round as things got more extreme. Ever since the death of those two, our community was more unstable than ever. We were always fighting with each other. If not, it was complete silence for quite some time. It was night that was the hardest for us. The later it was, the more Hackers there were to deal with. The more active they were, the longer I had to stay up with others. It was like sleep wasn't the number 1 priority at that time and the only thing that mattered is that I didn't miss out on anything.

Now something I haven't been mentioning here is that Damon Salvatore173 and I were slowly building a trust based friendship. There weren't any signs he was associated with the others, so he pretty much remained neutral. I ended up coming up with enough trust to allow him to be a moderator for the time being while I started to go away more because of school or flat out being tired. One day I had came to Wikia to find out Damon had banned everyone from chat for no reason and started to get power crazy. This is all explained in Banning Spree. That was honestly the first time I have ever felt so much of my trust fall on me and totally fail. I was heart broken and enraged. His rights were removed right away and he ended up confessing he was never off to help me, and was rather on the Hackers side. He got blocked and didn't exactly put up a fight like I was expecting him to. Which....was weird. Most Hackers are stubborn and manage to unblock themselves or just use other accounts.

After this bit, October Silence fell. It was a long time where little to nobody was active on Wikia. I had completely forgotten about everything and was in need of a break anyways. When I came back, I decided it'd be best if I didn't return I made another wiki. BEN DROWNED Wiki. I was actually going to try to build a community out of this....but of course....that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

It was a slow rebuild to drag everyone to that Wiki. I had to take extra precautions into messaging certain people and making sure that any of the Hackers weren't going to come back. Not everyone made it into the other Wiki, and some are still missing to this day. They haven't even logged in since the long silence or even before that. It's hard to tell what happened to them, but until I find actual information on them, I'll just say that they "quit" for the time being.

I started uploading random nonsense to the Wiki just to give it a better image and make it closer to finishing. The uploading process was very fast. I was hoping the war was at a draw and finally over by the time I made incidents like this to follow ever again. I had very little hopes in making this. Something still told me there's more to come and it's far from over. Boy was I right.

For a long period of time, nothing happened. All actually seemed to start shifting into a better future. I felt the weight drop of everything that happened for years. It wasn't until December someone came by. His username is Eyeless Jack. I met him on my chat during my 3rd hour English class. I was suspicious of him until he told me Common Foundation sent him to my Wiki to help out.

Eyeless Jack and I slowly got to know each other. He built in my trust and reassured me things were going to go alright. At this time I realized what I was doing wasn't going anywhere so I dropped what I thought I could build and went back to what it seems I wasn't finished with.

Eyeless Jack pretended to go on a lot of tasks and take messages from Hackers and so forth. It's sad I actually believed this. It all turned out to be a big joke. I'll explain that soon.

Late December, the Night Watch came. The Night Watch was a time where the chat room had to be constantly monitored because things were getting rocky again. Users from an enemy website known as "Within Hubris" were coming to the Wiki and causing issues. Not only this, but users such as Illusions and Fear and so forth were appearing with messages that were to worry about. It was suspected the Hackers were coming back for a round 3 now that things were being rebuilt. Snapstablook helped me during the Night Watch. The users Gabeharrison49, EmoGamer, TheScarletDevil24, MaskedManClaus and Eyeless Jack were there for the Night Watch and only came in here and there to check on us.

I'll admit, our Night Watch was well worth it. There were actually things we would have to deal with from people from Within Hubris. It was nothing major, just annoying. Hacker wise? I don't think there was anything on that.

Now....end December-early January is where things will get more extreme than ever before. Before I continue, I would like to thank you for reading this far. Now if you're easily frightened, I suggest you stop reading. If you think you can handle it or are genuinely my guest and continue.

Ambrose Malachai.

Around late December/early January is when Ambrose Malachai finally arrived.

WIP. (Ignore below, these are events I remembered after this time)

The Wiki started to act weird. Not only mine, but all of Wikia. There was this weird period where chat rooms would randomly crash, usernames would come out of nowhere, you could see what other chats were saying in your chat (including private messages), and even sometimes you couldn't chat at all on days. Now my Wiki experienced all the same issues except for one thing. The Timer. The Timer was some weird clock that would appear counting down on my chat room if the chat crashed and you tried to refresh. Well...that's the short version of it. Just click on the first time I mention Timer and it'll go further into depth.

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