I've been having more troubles with BEN than before. He's even in my house and dreams now. Sometimes I'll log onto my computer with a backround with BEN, thousands of them. Internet explorer saying "YOURTURN" and my computer will shut off by itself, even if the battery is fully charged. I'm using the basement computer, it's horrifyng down here. But I'm using it to spread the word, if you no longer hear from me, you know what happened. I'm too afraid to leave here. What did I do to diserve this? I don't know. Will I survive the next month? I don't know.

I haven't touched my Majora's Mask game in a month now. I'm too afraid it'll get worse. He's gotten me now. I'll sometimes hear a little sad, lonely, creepy, echoy, BEN-ish laugh in my head. That's why I haven't been here in a while.

If you want to see whats been happening lately, read this: Nightmares. It'll tell you everything.

I've just been going insane. I'm scared to do anything. That haunting smile....that eyeless thing.....the laugh......I just can't take it. I've been sleeping with my 2 swords even. Some nights, I won't even sleep.

A few days ago, I got a message on my phone from an unknown number saying "Please....join us....". I haven't even used my phone at all in 2 weeks.

I've tried listening to songs I like, I've tried reading, going swimming, ect. But nothing works. Swimming I'll have to take off my list because, you know....BEN DROWNED. Even though I go swimming everyday, I don't want it to end with a phsyco maniac drowning me. No way.

Please keep in touch with me. And me....

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