• Maxdubiachi

    Hang in there

    January 21, 2015 by Maxdubiachi

    Ben... He was a good kid until he died. See his father killed him by drowning him. His father was believed to be possesed by the Happy Mask Salesman (HMS). The HMS killed Ben and his father got blamed. The HMS iss a demon... The demon of control and fear. Now here's where the moon children come in... Now look the moon children are demon children who are demons of chaos, fear, pain, torture, and nightmares. They can send someone and/or themselfs into your dreams and turn them into hellish nightmares. Now since Ben had died, they took his spirit and tourtured him until he gave them something. Ben gave them his eye's and they gave him eternal life among the demons. So Ben is a innocent spirit that is trapped beneath tourture, fear, hate, and …

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