I am walking in a alley

During the darkest night.

The moonlight and the stars

were my only guides

I was walking alone

no one was around

i heard some rustles

and some...sounds?!

I looked around

but noone was in sight

i tried to be clam

but fear had already conquered my mind...

I heard someone laugh

Lets play game with me by gatanii69-d87hs9x

I am watching you...


just behind my ear

i turned around quickly

b-but noone was here?

I then heard a scream

a loud piercing one

i fell on my knees

and i was shaking so much!

The scream stopped

and i felt a presence...

I didn't look around

and a growl was heard..

I then felt something

passing through my body

the pain was unbearable

but no sound was made.

i collapsed on the soft sround

the moonlight was fading out

and before i see endless darkness

he turned me around.

He laughed at this sight

and looked into my eyes

and whispered with his friends:

"you shouldn't have done that..."

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