• Tailsonicluigi

    I WAS  PLAYING Ocerna of TIME  THEN I HEARD hahaha it was creppy so i went to my room to play my n64 turned on i looked at the screen then i saw the happy mask sales man on my 3ds that was werid cuz i had only  1 gem then BEN BEN BEN  my ring tone was the tetris theme not BEN BEN BEN BEN. then i started being smart and turned my n64 off along with my 3ds.then i went to up date my WIKI PAGE then i saw a picture of BEN so i talked to cleverbot and this is what cleverbot said hi me are you BEN cleverbot hjygsabu me BEN cleverbot wanna play then it stoped then i heard someone play the n64 then in my room noone was their.Then i heard wanna play so then i said BEN LEAVE NOW IM NOT YOUR FUCKING TOY then it stoped NEW CREPPYPASTA COMEING SOON

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